Ouch..n mind..bind


Sophia (So Fe Ya)


Yea haha

I Fogen Luv her

In my mind she is constantly in order

Neat, clean bright flowered on border

Never had the chance to hold her

It was still cyber love on board with nowhere..

Nowhere in reality to have felt her

Ouch, otherwise she would have been onto me in square

Cause onto her would be my wear

Fit on with no tear

I’m I crazy

Or hazy

Could I be lazy?

Or just wanting this specific lady?

My mission not the hole

Plenty in toll

Yet her from feet to tall

Sophia the Nazareth beauty in whole

My heart towards her on call

My words for her ball


Pussy whipped then sipped

Excuse my expression, but indeed I am pussy whipped

To date on her tunes I’m still dipped

Even though she’s not around even a bit

Yet my heart pain is present as I stand, lay or sit

That feeling of pleasurable pain when her onto my head flit

Causing my heart that poor heart to spilt

Those eyes, nose, lips, ears that face! That is it!

I am stomped on & with her beauty hit

Sophia, a full natural kit

I, fully lit

And for sure pussy whipped & to the bones sipped.







Yes, tough but not a must

I trust

Though I understand its thrust

And what comes after is just

Another feeling of crust

One on top of the other, like dust

Activated solitary the other bust

On & on by our gust

Have to adjust

The ‘voracious pilot’ named lust

Whom if you come to think of his deceitful theft, you’d reach a status of disgust

As empty you stand far from robust

Jammed and controlled to rust

Nothing new under the sun, all in the past has been discussed

Yet lust still overcomes many, entering greeted and at times exiting cussed.


The Jerusalemite



Sitting on top of the hills

Wishing I can see her from up here, down under in the city…You feel my thrills?

Rubbing my eyes trying to identify if I see the light from below

Sophia’s light wrapped to my heart with her unique glow

Shame the city top has a cloud of pollution on peak, sadly a daily flow

So I am like it’s time to shout out her name hoping she’d hear my blow

The many jammed vehicles shielding my voice towards her ears, oh No!

I close my helpless eyes and mouth in hopes for my nose to try its go

 Stuffed it returns hopeless of its status quo

So I get up and roll down low

Yet thankful for those few hours as her in mind was all I saw

Missing her again is for me a daily grow.