Are you not tired?

Running 24/7 in mind, whom have had you hired?

Too much as I am 24/7 wired

From your sexiness  constantly inspired

And your juices still for desired

What have u done so on to u I am much admired

When is my mind of you going to be retired

Should that nurse for that be required?

As 24/7 onto you I am always fired

And you not around transpired

, Simply breaks and brings a mountain & its resources, to status of expired.



Intense suspense immense

She’s gone

I am back alone

Regardless hoping she’s safe in her zone

To me unknown

Empty in tone

It does somehow and somehow not make sense

To be in all this suspense

That did commence

Pretty intense

Daily it immense

Not knowing whats behind the fence

Or if she is still under the lens


My mind will empty its thoughts to merely cents

I am broke understanding realities dispense

Yet rich in missing her, all in me; condense


Your behind in mind :p

Nothing ‘left’ behind..

If nothing ‘right’ on mind.

With intentions of goodness I stand.

Hoping its that, she understand.

Beauty of it being unplanned

With us blending forming to sand

Oh, this could be grand

Forming to a strand

If played in an orchestrated band

Ouch, how sexy she is when and when not tanned

I feel it in my gland

Her name and face withstand.

In my imaginary land

Due to their desire to be in hand.









She said it’s 5:30 a.m & I was Like Da(y) ‘am

It’s 530 am so if you post it now it would be great!

Why did u have to throw me this bait?

That message drifted me to your bed with U in my arms, knowing no way I’ll let U roll before eight a.m

Oouf, Day’aam

I felt the ambiance & mood in your room to mate

Starting with just whispering & showering in UR ears how much I love U in weight

Kiss u passionate unable to rate

Everything else on wait

Just decorating the surface to have both of us feed on each other, in one plate

And get the mood straight

Then pound till eight

Good morning, now that would be Great 😉